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Drinking & Driving. What are the OWI penalties?

If you have been arrested for drunk driving your life is going to be seriously affected. Find out how severe the consequences will be for your circumstances. Learn what the penalties are and how they increase with every offense.
offenses as a traffic violation instead of a criminal offense. However… your offense is upgraded to a criminal charge. That changes the penalties to a jail

Sex Trafficking in the Appleton Area

Destroy the misconception that Sex Trafficking is just a big city issue. It is occurring even in close knit communities of the Appleton area. Choosing to ignore the issue will not make it less real.

Stranger Danger...Prevent Your Child from Becoming a Victim

Learn what you can do to prevent your child from being abducted. Although child abduction doesn’t happen every day in our community, it is every parent’s worst nightmare. Making children aware and teaching them simply safety tips could help keep your ch…

You Only Need a Lawyer if You Are Guilty! WRONG!

Discover what to do if you are being charged for a crime you did not commit. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to your case than just telling the truth. Find out how to navigate through the court system and if it is in your best interest to hire an att…
s decision. When a person appeals their criminal case to the court of appeals…u need to do is consult with an attorney. A criminal defense attorney can review your case

Get a second chance! What is a Deferred Prosecution Agreement?

Don't let one mistake affect the rest of your life! Learn how a deferred prosecution agreement can keep you out of jail and your record clean.
The next best thing to getting your criminal case completely dismissed would be a deferre… wherein you admit to the criminal charges… committed a minor offense and have no prior criminal record. You must pay the required fees for t

Process of a Criminal Case in Wisconsin

Have you or someone you love been arrested for criminal charges? Learn about the criminal court process in the state of Wisconsin. Pedersen Law Office, LLC offers free consultation at both our Menasha office and Green Bay office.
you will be going through the criminal court process. Depending on if the charges … criminal damage to property with less than …eing charged with a misdemeanor or a felony criminal charge

Should I Plea Not Guilty, Guilty or No Contest?

Do you know the difference between pleading guilty, no contest or not guilty in a criminal case? Find out how your plea can make a difference in your criminal case.
re are three different ways to plead in your criminal case… as well as having an experienced criminal defense Attorney on your side. NOT GUILTY …rgument that you have admitted guilt in your criminal case and are therefore guilty in your civil

Probation in Wisconsin

Being on probation beats sitting in jail, but probation comes with many rules that need to be followed. Find out what the most common rules are and what happens if you violate them.
n is ordered as a part of sentencing in many criminal cases. Most Wisconsin inmates would prefer…NSULTATIONS When getting charged with a criminal offense

Vehicle Searches: What is Legal?

No one wants to get pulled over by the police. Knowing your rights when you do get pulled over might make all the difference.
se if items in your vehicle could result in criminal charges. Regardless…n turn your vehicle upside down looking for criminal contraband. If the officer has probable caus

How to Help Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Find out what you can do to help your attorney fight criminal charges brought against you.
choosing the right criminal defense attorney is important. Yet…g your arrest and during the process of your criminal case is even more important. Here are some