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Using Fillable Forms vs. Hiring an Attorney

Before you can decide whether you should use an attorney to draft your will or just use a fill in the blank form online, you need to know the advantages of having a local attorney. Learn the benefits of consulting an attorney versus using fill in the blan…
to save your life with a surgery because the Power of Attorney for Healthcare form you found online was dra

Estate Planning for the Single Parent

Are you a busy single parent? Find out why a single parent’s estate planning cannot wait until life slows down. Learn what documents are needed and how they can help protect your loved ones.
n of your children will then be appointed. POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR FINANCES As a single parent… Having a Durable Power of Attorney for Finances allows you to appoint someone t

What Happens If You Die Without a Will?

Do you have a Last Will and Testament? Many are under the impression that if they pass away, their property will all go to their spouse, but that is not always the case. Find out how the State of Wisconsin handles someone passing away without a Last Wil…
not to mention the importance of a Power of Attorney. Pedersen Law Office

Estate Planning: Knowing the Difference Between Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney

Find out the difference between a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will and Power of Attorney.
Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Power of Attorney for Finances. Let…one to make those decisions for you. POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTHCARE The Power of Attorney for

Estate Planning: Not just for the Rich!

Think only the rich need to worry about estate planning? Learn why estate planning is important even if you have a small estate.
to Physicians drafted is to make sure your Power of Attorney for Healthcare knows your major medical dec…ou have already made your wishes clear. Power of Attorney for Healthcare A Power of Attorney for

Importance of a Power of Attorney

Learn about the importance of having a Power of Attorney and what can happen if you do not have one.
just a Last Will and Testament. Executing a Power of Attorney is just as important. Let…what happens if you do not have one. POWER OF ATTORNEY A Power of Attorney is a legal document

Differences Between Your Power of Attorney and Personal Representative

Find out the differences between your Power of Attorney and Personal Representative including their appointment and responsibilities.
though some of the responsibilities of your Power of Attorney and your Personal Representative seem simila…ence between the two is life and death. A Power of Attorney can be appointed and only has authority whil

Common Estate Planning Terms

Learn common terms used in estate planning and during the probate process in Wisconsin.
The person named as agent under a Power of Attorney who is given authority to act on another…t ends upon their death. Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Common Mistakes in Estate Planning

Mistakes in your estate plan can lead to legal and financial difficulties for your loved ones. Learn about common estate planning mistakes and how you can prevent them.
ecessary for your situation. NOT HAVING POWER OF ATTORNEY If you become incapacitated and do not h…ave a financial power of attorney or financial accounts. Without a healthcare power of attorney