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Probation in Wisconsin

Being on probation beats sitting in jail, but probation comes with many rules that need to be followed. Find out what the most common rules are and what happens if you violate them.
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Guardian Ad Litem: Who? What? How?

Have you ever heard of a guardian ad litem? If you are dealing with a family law issue, you may have to have one. Learn who a guardian ad litem is, what their role is, and how to be prepared.

Easy Ways to Help Avoid Probate In Wisconsin

Probate, what it is and how to avoid it? Learn things you can do now to save you and your loved ones time and money.
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Estate Planning: Deciding on a Personal Representative

Learn about the responsibilities of a personal representative and figure out who would make a good personal representative for you.

How Long Does Probate Take In Wisconsin?

Find out how long the probate process is in Wisconsin and what causes an estate to stay in probate for so long.
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Divorce and the New Tax Reform

Find out how the new tax reform affects divorces in Wisconsin.
The new tax law has affected divorces in Wisconsin and across the country. When you are deali

Small Estates In Wisconsin

Not all estates need to go through a lengthy probate process. Find out the different ways to handle small estates in the State of Wisconsin.
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Estate Planning: Knowing the Difference Between Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney

Find out the difference between a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will and Power of Attorney.
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Common Types of Estate Planning Trusts

Trusts are not just for the rich. Learn why many use a trust as part of their estate planning.

Common Reasons to Contest a Will

Explore the common reasons Wills are contested and what you can do to prevent it.
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